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Is it possible to find love online? YES! Is it possible to find a stranger for casual sex online? Another YES! How? Through the best online dating sites. Over the years, the internet has been a catalyst of change, even when it comes to how relationships are born. It has provided an innovative platform wherein people can meet and defy geographical boundaries. Whether it is for serious relationships or one-night stands, the birth of online dating sites made lives of many people more exciting. Online dating is a practical option for finding THE ONE. Nonetheless, with tons of options for online dating sites, which one should you choose? This is the part where you will thank us. Welcome to Award Winning Dating Sites, a website that is made to let you know the best dating sites that you should try.


Who Are We And What We Do

We are a group of individuals who have grown tired of being asked by people around us about what are the best and worst dating sites. We have had too much of all the complaints we see online and other unpleasant experiences reported by users of dating sites. We are committed to using our knowledge in helping other people to make well-informed decisions in choosing an online dating site to try. We are not affiliated with any dating company. We do not sell any product or service. We are not here to rob you money or to fool you. We are here to help. Keep on browsing through our website and you will see how we can extend a helping hand when it comes to your online dating concerns.

Providing you with Unbiased Reviews of Online Dating Sites

In an online community wherein people can publish fake reviews or reviews commissioned by companies to put them in a favorable light, how do you know which one to believe? It is easy to be fooled, but do not fall victim to such trap. Do not look for reviews of online dating sites anywhere. Award Winning Dating Sites will surely prove to be a reliable option. We have reviewed not only the best, but also the worst dating sites you can possibly find online. We take pride in the fact that our reviews are not prejudiced to any website. Again, we are not affiliated in any way with the websites we have recommended. In the same way, we are not paid by anyone to bash the websites that we have ranked as amongst the worst. We are an independent group of online dating enthusiasts who would like to share our insights and experiences to be of help to other people.

In order to make sure that we will be able to provide a comprehensive review of the best and worst dating sites, we have actually signed up for membership. We paid membership fees as required. We spent six weeks in using different online dating websites. As a group, after the six weeks of study, we gathered together and shared our insights to come up with an intelligent ranking of the online dating websites. Our ranking of the best and worst dating sites are based on a consensus. We have a solid basis for listing our recommendations and they were not just made up.

To be able to complete the reviews successfully and to provide you with the information that you need, we paid attention to several criteria, which helped us determine which sites are best and which are worst. We took a look at the general design and layout of the site. This does not only have aesthetic implications, but also a huge influence when it comes to being user-friendly. We also took a look at the process of signing up. We believe that a few minutes of your time is more than enough. If it requires you to answer an endless list of questions, you will most probably just not continue. We also considered the community of members, both in terms of quantity and quality. It is important to have a lot of members in order to increase the likelihood of finding your match. In the same way, the quality of the profiles will also be crucial. There should be no fake accounts and scams. We also considered the safety of the website, especially when it comes to being free from people who might just extort money from you. Of course, we also based our recommendations on the affordability of the membership plans that are offered, as well as the features of each membership plan and if it can provide the best bang for the buck. Aside from our personal experiences, we also used the insights of other members to learn more about what kind of experience on dating website will be able to deliver. Through consulting the opinions of other users of various online dating sites, we are able to strengthen our findings based on our very own experiences. They helped by having a validation of anything good and anything bad that we have to say about a specific online dating website. Meaning, our reviews are basically not only based on our experiences, but on the experiences of many others as well.

Beyond Dating Website Reviews

More than the reviews of online dating websites, Award Winning Dating Sites will also provide you with insights on online dating. We have a portion of the website dedicated to articles about dating strategy guide, as well as the blog with different articles that are directly or indirectly related to online dating.The articles that you can see on the website will help you to learn how to pick the dating website that is perfect for you, where to go on your first date, and how to keep safe while having fun in the use of online dating websites.

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What are you waiting for? Navigate through our website now and discover the endless possibilities when it comes to online dating. From reviews to dating strategy guides, Award Winning Dating Sites is sure to help you maximize your online dating experience in ways more than one.