Surviving One-Night Stands: Making The Most Out Of Casual Sex

One-night stands can be considered as a sexual firecracker – short and explosive. It gives some people a feeling of sexual gratification, which is especially true amongst individuals who like the idea of exploring with their sexual desires in the absence of getting attached. Nonetheless, it is also a given fact that casual sex can turn into a nightmare, especially if you do not know how to handle the situation well.

Avoid Emotional Attachments

From the very beginning, make sure that you are aware that it is just all about sex – a fleeting experience that is not bound to transcend into deeper relationships. Do not expect for something beyond the intercourse. If you do, you might just end up being frustrated. Regardless of how you find the other person interesting, see to it that you only consider it as a sexual activity and that there is no hope that you will be together romantically.

Be Safe

As much as it is exciting to have casual sex, it cannot be denied that it can also be risky. With the rising case of sexually-transmitted diseases, you should know how to be safe. Always wear protection when having sex. You are most probably hooking up with someone who had sex with tons of other one-time partners in the past, which makes the situation more risky. More than just the disease, for girls, you surely would not want to be impregnated by someone you are bound to never see again in the future.

Discretion is a Must

In an age that is predominantly defined by social media, your one-night sex escapades do not need to be broadcasted to the world. This is a way of protecting not only your life, but the privacy of the other person as well. In many online hookup sites, a lot of members are married individuals who are looking forward into exploring their sexual fantasies. It is critical to maintain a certain level of privacy by not disclosing too much information about who you are, such as your work or your home address.

Do Not Leave Any Evidence

By evidence, we are referring to naked pictures or worse, a sex video. One-night stands are meant to have steamy sex and not to be a precursor of a scandal that can ruin your life in ways more than one in the future. Even if the other person insists on taking a naked picture of you or a video while you are doing the deed, just refuse. In the future, these pieces of evidence may be used to threaten or blackmail you.

Be Adventurous

Yes, it is a one-night stand. Yes, you intend to not see each other again. But this does not mean that sex should be boring. A lot of people are thrilled by the idea of one-night stands because it can spice their boring sex life. Therefore, make sure that you are going to have a good time. Be kinky and experimental to provide each other the sexual pleasure that you both deserve.

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