The Most Common Lies You Will Encounter Among Online Daters

Online dating can be challenging, especially in terms of being able to tell which ones are lies and which are truths. For beginners, it is easy to be overwhelmed with how one person claims on who he or she is. If you would like to avoid frustration, make sure to learn how to spot the most common lies told by people on their online dating profiles or during your online chats. At the end of the day, if a dating profile seems too good to be true, you have a reason to be in doubt. More so, if he or she is being inconsistent with what is being told during your chats, such can also be an indicator of lying.

  1. Hotness Rating: Level of hotness: 10/10. When you see this is the profile of someone, the person is most probably lying. It takes confidence to brag that you are astonishingly hot. After all, this is a self-assessment and not a rating given by other members of the online dating site.
  2. Profession: CEO of a company? Porn star? Car racer? Some people, especially men, lie when it comes to their jobs. They often use false job descriptions in order to be attractive in the eyes of women since having a lucrative job often equates into being more attractive.
  3. Height: This is also a common lie in online dating profiles. In a world wherein physical beauty reigns supreme, being taller, especially amongst guys, is tantamount to being more attractive. It creates an impression of having a model-like physique.
  4. Weight: Like height, weight is often used as a standard of measuring physical beauty. According to one study, in online dating sites, women often subtract 8.5 pounds from their actual weight while men subtract 1.5 pounds.
  5. Age: This lie is more common amongst men as against women. When men reach the age that is past their prime, which is typically from late thirties, they tend to make it appear as if they are only in their 20s, believing that women will prefer dating men in their youth.
  6. Connections: Have you ever encountered a dating profile bragging about connections with famous politicians, celebrities, or anyone who is in the popular circle? You have a reason to be in doubt as this is often done by people only to attract attention.
  7. Lifestyle: This lie can often be spotted when you take a look at the photos in online dating profiles. A picture in front of a luxury car, with an expensive handbag, being in an expensive vacation spot, or eating in a posh restaurant are the most common things posted by people who would like to appear to be living the lifestyle of the rich.
  8. Marital Status: Yes, there are people who are interested in dating people who are married. Nonetheless, most will not be willing to commit adultery. With this, both men and women, although it is more common in men, state that they are single even if they are actually already married.

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