Tried, Tested, and True Tried, Tested, and True

If there is one thing that makes popular, it would be the fact that it is one of the first sites made specifically for adult hookups. It was created during the time internet was still slow and when people were still unsure if the idea of establishing a networking site for those who are interested in casual sex will indeed work. Because of its age, the site is already outdated and it has been overtaken by some of the newer options available in the online marketplace. To help you identify the best and worst dating sites, we have included in our experiment. Continue reading and you will learn more about what we can say about it.

Adultfriendfinder Homepage

To begin with, allow us to sum up what we will say in the rest of this review: is great. This is one thing that is not only unanimous among our group, but by other people who have used the website as well. It has endless features and members and it just gets better the more you use it!

Top Five Things We Love About

In our experiment with the best and worst dating sites, with confidence, we can say that has the features that will provide you with a satisfying experience. The following are five of the things that we love the most about this adult dating site.

Layout and Design: In order to tell the best and worst dating sites, we consider aesthetics as one of the most important factors. If you open any website, even if it is not necessarily about dating, you will be motivated to continue browsing only if you think it has a compelling design. In the case of, once you open their homepage, it definitely makes you want to stay. The layout is welcoming, attractive, and lets you know exactly what the site is about right from the beginning.

Reasonable Price: When we tested the best and worst dating sites, we did not mind paying for membership because it is going to be an opportunity for us to try out the full features of the site and decide if it can be recommended to other users. is one of the websites that really impressed us with how much we got for the price we paid. The prices are pretty much on par with other sites on our “best” list, but the value is through the roof! To be a gold member, you have to pay $29.95 for one month of membership, $59.80 for three months of membership, and $179.10 for twelve months of membership. Some websites charge almost the same price, but the difference is that they can offer nearly the same great hookup experiences that can.

Tons of REAL Members: Some sites may seem to have tons of profiles, but upon further investigation are mostly scams and fake profiles. This is not the case on In our experiment, we only got a 80% response rate from all the messages that we have sent, which is pretty good compared to our other experiments on the best and worst dating sites. We noticed that many of the profiles had recent activity and that their pictures have been uploaded within the last year. Ideally, you should have an activity on your profile, at least every one or two weeks. It is also important to change profile pictures every now and then in order to make your profile legitimate. For these reasons, we can say has real, legit members.

Helpful Features: has spent a lot of time building up their features and making sure you have the best chance at success of finding a hookup. In the beginning, it was probably just email communication that you used to connect with other members. Now, they have email messaging (which takes a little longer, but is good for if a member is offline), instant messaging (good for fast chatting and meeting members who are online immediately), and video chat (for if you want to see what you’re getting into, or if you want to perform/watch a sexy show). There are also chat rooms and discussions boards, both of which are good for meeting people, asking questions, and starting discussions. They are often sexual, but can really be just a fun place to hang out and talk about anything!

You WILL Have Sex: Sex on is more or less a guarantee. The only reason you won’t find hookups is if you: 1. Don’t fill out your profile. 2. Don’t add a photo to your profile. 3. Don’t send messages. 4. Don’t answer messages. 5. Don’t ever check your account. Seriously… you would have to try pretty hard NOT to find someone on this site. With millions of members all over the world, you have a world of women to choose from. No matter what you look like, you will find someone. Trust us. We’re not exactly lookers ourselves, but we did just fine on!

Our Verdict

From the five reasons we have mentioned above, it is pretty much obvious that we loved It a great site for a great value.AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest adult dating sites online and the reason it’s still live is because it has continued to be successful all this is a site that is tried, tested, and true—not only by us, but by thousands (millions, actually) of people all over the world who have found hookups here. Even though they are old, they still have a lot to offer and really give newer sites a run for their money. Check it out and see for yourself