Crazy Blind Date: A Dating App that Lacks Promise

Crazy Blind Date: A Dating App that Lacks Promise

If you like online dating, you probably have already heard about, which has been rated by many as a good place to find strangers who are willing to engage in casual sex. The same company is the creator of Crazy Blind Date, a blind dating mobile app that can be downloaded on your phones. Whether you are using an Apple or Android phone, you can use the app. We have included it in our study of the best and worst dating sites and in the end, we have ranked it as one of those that you should avoid. This standalone mobile app will be nothing but a waste of storage space for your phone. If you are wondering why such is the case, keep on reading and you will know the reasons why we are recommending that you do not even consider having this app downloaded.

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A Flawed Matching System

In order to list the best and worst dating sites, we studied the mechanism by which you will be able to find your perfect match. On some websites, you can find a match based on certain criteria, such as location, age, sexual preferences, and fetishes, among others. You will have the complete freedom to specify the qualities that you want. Hence, this will make sure that you will meet someone who has exactly the characteristics you are looking for.

In the case of Crazy Blind Date, on the other hand, matching is totally baseless and this is one of the main reasons why we hated using this dating app. Once you have registered and created your profile, the app will randomly find a match based on your location and the gender preference that has been specified. Aside from that, there is pretty much no other choice on how you will narrow down the search results. The creators claim that this is a good thing since it simplifies the entire process. Nonetheless, for us, it makes the app crazy and stupid. We prefer having complete control on how to narrow down search results rather than having the entire process automated.

Lack of Freedom in Using Crazy Blind Date

Don’t you hate it when you feel like you are being limited in terms of the things you can do? This is exactly how we felt with Crazy Blind Date when we tried it in our experiment with the best and worst dating sites. One of the things that made us hate it more is the fact that you do not have the option to choose the venue of the date. While you will have several choices on where to go out, you will be limited to only such.

It is also a bad thing that you are expected to only spend 20 minutes on your date. This is such a short time for you to know each other. Once the time has elapsed, you will receive a notification and you need to rate your date based on kudos points. The problem is that you need to buy the points before you can rate your dates. In addition, the points will no longer matter to you. Rather, it will help other members to judge other members of the app based on the kudo points they have been awarded.

Blind Dates can be Frustrating

In today’s modern time, blind dates are no longer as relevant as they were years ago. Besides, many people, like me, cringe on the idea of blind dating. In most adult hookup sites, it is a good thing that there are profile descriptions and pictures that can help you to visualize how the other person looks like. This provides you with the freedom to decline the invitation of another member to have sex if the person does not satisfy your physical requirements. It can be depressing since you have been set up with someone you are not attracted to. This will most likely happen a lot if you decide to use Crazy Blind Date.

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Limited in Several Cities

Crazy Blind Date is also limited in terms of accessibility it is only available in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Meaning, if you are outside of these areas, you will not be able to use it. In addition, this also means that the members can be limited. In our evaluation of the best and worst dating sites, we always consider the membership community as an important factor in ranking them. Because Crazy Blind Date is not available in all areas, it ranks very low when it comes to the number of members. Also, since it is a blind dating app, do not be surprised if you get matched with a member who happens to be someone you know, or even someone from your family! Yikes!

The Site is Filled with Glitches

Another thing that we have learned about this dating site is that bugs often attack it and it experiences a number of technical glitches. This can be dangerous as it can attack your mobile phone as well. The most common problem regarding the glitches is that it suggests the wrong places to go on a date. In fact, there are some users who have shared that the app set their date in a gasoline station, convenience store, and private homes, among other crazy venues. These things can show how unreliable the app is, which should provide you with more reasons to have it avoided.

Our Honest Suggestion

As we have mentioned in the introduction, do not waste your time, effort, and money with Crazy Blind Date. From our evaluation of the best and worst dating sites, we arrived at a conclusion that this is totally useless. You do not have the freedom to use it based on your preferences. The site pretty much controls how to search for members. You are surely better off using other sites that are more promising in terms of finding you a stranger for casual sex.


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