Why It Is A Website That You Should Avoid Why It Is A Website That You Should Avoid

In our search for the best and worst dating sites, we were confronted with a long list of possible options to try and one of such is Prior to experimenting with this website, we took the time to read the reviews of other people. We found out that most of them have bad experiences and it is not frequently recommended. Because of our curiosity, we have included it in the list of the websites that we have evaluated in order to verify the claims made by its users in the past. After several weeks, we are one with the conclusion of other people – this is an adult hookup site that you should avoid. It is flawed in ways more than one and it is nothing but a waste of money.

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False Marketing

Do not be fooled by the advertisement that it is 100% free. Most of the sites that we believe are best in adult dating will require you to pay a minimal amount. Nonetheless, we do not mind paying for such since we know that this is going to be tantamount to an unforgettable hookup experience. It is a different case in the story of Your money is sure to go to waste. We cannot even find one strong reason to recommend this site. If you are willing to spend money for adult dating, we recommend that you spend it on another website where you can be provided with the best bang for the buck and not with, which, in our opinion, is a total rip-off.

Names Can Be Misleading

As we evaluate the best and worst dating sites, we realized how the names of the websites have a lot to do about what they can offer to their members. With this, when we initially saw, we believed it was going to be perfect for people who would love to have a date, but not with the hope of being in a relationship, but simply hooking up. Nonetheless, this is not exactly what happened during the course of our experiment. The name is very misleading. We talked to several ladies who are using the site for friendly dates and not for one-night stands. This is such a mess since we do not have time to deal with casual dates and all we want is casual sex. You might just be wasting your time if you will use this website to find a stranger who likes steamy encounters.

Insignificant Community of Members

It is important to take a look at the community of members to rank the best and worst dating sites. This is exactly what we did with In the end, we suffered from another disappointment when we saw how few the members are. How can you get the most out of one site if you will have limited choices? It is really depressing to pay for something that will not provide you with a good experience.

In addition, most of the profiles were very lame. You will not have any reason to be interested in other members. You might even consider just getting drunk in a club, spend money on your drinks, and hope that there will be a better likelihood of getting laid as against using this website. When creating your profile, you will basically not have the freedom to write it the way you want it to be. You will have a cheat sheet or basically a template. The About Me section only accepts up to 40 words and you can only upload one photo. With this, it is very easy to understand why there are many fake profiles.

How did we know that there are fake profiles? Well, in our quest towards ranking the best and worst dating sites, we sign up for membership and send messages to the users. Out of all the messages we sent at, only 25% replied and most of the responses took more than a week. Out of such, only 2 ended up being interested to meet us. Because we were so disappointed, we did not even bother meeting them.

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Annoying Ads, Confusing Layout

We will never run out of negative things to say about this website because it just keeps on giving us reasons to hate it more. The general layout of the site looks dated. It looks like it has been done by people who do not have any trace of creativity in their mind. When you look at it, it is boring and you will not find any reason to keep on using it.

More than the lack of appeal, we also did not like the presence of too any ads. When randomly browsing through profiles, you will see ads almost everywhere. There are also links that look as if they are going to take you to the profiles of other members. When you click on these links, however, you will be taken to the websites of,, and, which are all partner websites of

Because of the ads, we can safely say that this website is not really created to help you find someone for a one-night stand. Instead, it is created for the purpose of advertising their affiliate sites. Almost anywhere you look, the site is filled with ads. This is very annoying, especially if you already have high hopes for how the website can help you have a more active sex life.

Our Verdict

Isn’t is obvious? We did not enjoy our experience in using, which means that we will never recommend it to anyone. Our comprehensive analysis of the best and worst dating sites concludes that this is one that you should definitely avoid. You will only end up with frustration if you choose to waste your time on this site. Do yourself a favor and skip this hookup website. The creators must have been too lax when they created it and they could have possibly underestimated the capabilities of their competitors.


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