A Top Pick for Adult Online Dating A Top Pick for Adult Online Dating


Upon opening the website of, there are two statements that will surely catch your attention: “The World’s Most Discreet Adult Dating Hookup Site” and “Erotic Search is the Hottest New Online Dating Site”. Along with these lines, you will also see a picture of a woman who is looking seductively at you as if asking you to join from the very moment you have opened the site. With, your fantasies of having sex with someone you do not know and who you do not need to see again in the future will be brought into reality. Finally, you can enjoy sex without strings attached. You do not have to be in a committed relationship just to fulfill your sexual desires.

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While is a popular option for hookup sites, there are still many people who are quite hesitant to give it a try. To help those who might still be doubtful about the experience that it can offer, we have included such in our experiment on the best and worst dating sites. Our team has signed up for memberships and evaluated the site for a span of six weeks. During such period, we kept on sending messages to girls who we find interesting. Most of the time, we were able to get replies. We ended the experiment with a smile on our faces because we got laid several times. If you are curious on what this site can offer and if it will indeed make a good choice, keep on reading and learn from the experiences that we will share.

A Quick Look at the Website

In looking for the best and worst dating sites, we placed an emphasis on the general layout and design of the website. There are instances wherein a quick look at the website will already convince you to give it a try. This is exactly what happened to us in the case of After opening the website, it only took a few seconds before we were compelled to give it a shot and include it in our experiment. The pictures itself will already provide you with more than enough reason to discover how it can change your sex life.

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Overall, the website offers a user-friendly navigation. There has never been an instance where we encountered major issues with regards to the layout. There might be some glitches, but they are very minor and they will not have any negative impact on user experience. Everyone from our team had nothing but good words about the aesthetics of the website. It is very fluid and it offers ease of navigation in ways more than one. Even if you browse at hundreds of profiles in one seating, you will surely not feel tired.

Different Options for Membership

Price is also an important factor that we use to gauge the best and worst dating sites. At, you can join for free and have limited access to some of the features of the site. You will be able to perform searches, but limited to seeing only basic members.

To enjoy the features of the website, we recommend that you consider the paid membership. It will not surely be a lot for you to handle, especially if you consider the many benefits that it will be able to provide. You will have two options for their membership plans. For silver members, the fee is $1.95 for a 3-day trial, $29.95 for a monthly membership, and $19.98 monthly for a 3-month membership. Meanwhile, for gold members, the rate is $34.95 for a monthly membership, $23.32 per month for 3-month membership, and $12.50 per month for 12-month membership. The latter offers the best value for money as it will allow you to enjoy as much as 60% of savings.

Results from Our Experiment

To have a comprehensive study of the best and worst dating sites, we have spent six weeks in using the site and in seeing the good and the bad about it. We don’t want to be selfish, so we are sharing with you some of the stats from our test. Be warned! When you learned about our success rate, you might not finish reading this review and immediately sign up as a member. As a team, we have sent a total of 500 messages. Out of which, we got 380 replies, which is quite overwhelming compared to other websites we have tried. In the end, our team was able to hook up with 303 women. Take note, we are a team. It is not just one guy who took care of the 303 ladies! With such rate of success, I cannot see any reason why you should be doubtful about being a member of

What Other People are Saying

To be assured that our findings on the best and worst dating sites will be valid, we will also share with you the experiences of other people. We took a look at some of the testimonials of their members and just like us; they have nothing but words of praise, highlighting how it has changed their sex life. According to one female user from Miami, she used to go to bars with the hope of picking up men. Nonetheless, she only ends up wasting her money without finding someone to take her home. All of these, however, changed when she discovered about She no longer finds the need to go to the bar. With just a quick look at the profiles of other members and a few clicks, she will soon be on her way meeting someone for casual sex.

Meanwhile, according to one male member from Staten Island, his officemates will often be surprised how he has a big smile almost every day. They do not know that it is because of how much sex he is having with the help of He was thankful that the website still gave him the chance to find a girl to have sex with in spite of his busy schedule at work.

One of the most exciting testimonials we found from the website came from a couple who have been together for a long time now. Some might think that couples are monogamous in terms of their sexual partners. Nonetheless, according to this couple, has helped them to make their sex life a lot more exciting since they meet members who are interested in threesomes. If you would like to have an adventure-filled sex life, you should definitely be a member and discover endless possibilities on how far you can go when it comes to having steamy casual encounters.

Making The Most Out Of This Adult Hookup Site

While this can indeed prove to be a good website to search for a stranger who is interested in casual sex, your experience will all depend on how much effort you put into it. In our quest towards identifying the best and worst dating sites, we have done different things that worked, and there are also some that did not work. One of the most important things that you should do is to learn when to be naughty and when to be respectful. It is rude to just send a message containing a picture of you naked. Start with a friendly nature and in the end, you can get kinky only if you feel that the other person is open to such conversations as well. While this is a website for casual sex, you cannot just be rude and do the things you want to do without taking into account the feelings of other members.

Another important thing to do is to be consistent in sending messages. You should send as many messages as possible. Nonetheless, when you receive a reply, make schedules only based on what you can realistically handle. When it is time to meet up, look at your best in order to create a good impression. Remember, even if you are already meeting each other, this is still not a guarantee of getting laid. By looking good, there is basically no reason for you to be rejected.

For your safety, learn who you should trust. Regardless of how attractive the member could be, you should protect yourself by not disclosing any personal information, such as your address or your credit card details. There have been a lot of dating sites horror stories in the past. For sure, you do not want to experience the same. With this, we suggest that you should be vigilant enough to be confident that others have clear intentions.

The Bottom Line

After going through the best and worst dating sites, we are confident to say that you will like While we are a group of men who conducted the experiment, it does not mean that you will only be able to find hot girls from the website. Regardless of your gender preferences, and even if you would like to have a threesome, the site offers an experience for everyone. Try it now so that you will know what we are talking about.


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