A Legitimate Site To Find a Stranger for Casual Sex A Legitimate Site To Find a Stranger for Casual Sex is legit – this is one thing that you should know. If you go online and search for reviews from other people who have tried it in the past, you will surely be confronted with overwhelming search results. There are some people who will say that this website will rip you off. Nonetheless, the majority of the reviews are positive and will surely convince you to give it a try. Some might have given it negative feedback because they are unaware of how to maximize their online dating experience.

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In this review of, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the site, including its best features. Whatever will be mentioned in this review is based on our evaluation of the best and worst dating sites. Our claims are not grounded on mere speculations. We have actually tested the site over a span of several weeks in order to help us come up with an intelligent evaluation of what it can offer. We have not been paid by the creators of the website to say something good about them. Our experience proved that this is legit and this will indeed be highly instrumental in getting you laid!

Sex with No Strings Attached

Yes, there are many dating sites that are available online, each claiming to be the best. Nonetheless, in most dating sites, people sign up to find a potential long-term partner. If you are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone to go out with you on a friendly date, such sites may work. Nonetheless, if your goal is to find a person you can share a bed with, do not waste your time. Do not look any further as is going to be your best bet. The site is created to help you find a stranger who will be willing to share a steamy encounter with you. After you have sex, you do not even have to talk to each other again. You can continue using the site and look for other people and enjoy a good time.

So, if you have always liked the idea of having sex without getting emotionally attached, this site is the perfect choice. If you are a beginner, there is no need to be worried as the members will surely help you to get acquainted with it. More so, if you have always fantasized about having sex with a couple, whether a straight or same-sex couple, will also help in transforming such fantasy into reality.

Premium Membership

To come up with the list of the best and worst dating sites, we took a look at their membership plans and the rates. For, it is a good thing that you can have basic access to the site for free. However, if you would like to maximize its use, we recommend that you upgrade your plan to a paid membership. The rates are very reasonable and they will surely be justifiable because of the perks that you will get. For only $39.95 per month, you will already be able to have full access to all of its features. This is guaranteed to help fill your calendars with meet-ups that you are going to love! More than being able to find people interested in casual encounters, this membership plan will also provide you access to a depository of hardcore porn content, which will offer an extensive selection regardless of what arouses you.

Different Search Features

To figure out the best and worst dating sites, we also considered the search features of the website. In the case of, it cannot be denied that it presents a variety of ways by which you will be able to search for members. The site has features to search for New Members, Who’s Online, and Close To You. The latter is one that we enjoyed the most because it will let you know if there are members within close distance from your location. This means that you can instantly meet each other as you exchange messages. You can also search based on age, gender, race, height, weight, religion, political views, and other criteria that will help in filtering the search results. This will make sure that you will only see the profiles of people who match your interests. To spice it up, the site will also allow you to search based on the sexual interests of others, such as sex positions, fetishes, and fantasies.

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Making It Easy To Monitor Success

During the time that we are experimenting with the best and worst dating sites, we were sending hundreds of messages to women we find interesting. Since we are doing this for an experiment, we were able to keep track of the number of messages sent out and the replies we got. One of the best features of is that they show statistics on your profile page. Meaning, you will be able to see your success rate as the site keeps a record of sent messages and replies. You will know how you are performing and if you see that the success rate is low, it is now time to step up the game and do something to get laid more often!

Tips in Using

In instances wherein you are getting a low rate of reply from the members, you should not be easily discouraged. This does not mean that the site is a waste of time. Simply put, it means that you are not doing enough to appear interesting. One of the first things that you should do is to learn how to craft the right profile. It must have at least three pictures in different situations. You should also have a proper profile description, which is going to give other members an idea of who you are. If the profile description seems interesting, for sure, you will get more replies and girls will even be the first one to message you.

After the evaluation of the best and worst dating sites, we also found out that being aggressive does not work all the time. In most cases, it is seen by girls as being disrespectful. Even if you know that they are on this website for casual sex, this does not give you the right to be rude. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of being able to get a reply, be respectful in your first message. Let a girl know how you find her attractive, which makes you interested in meeting her. Flattering her with good words will most likely do the trick.

Prioritizing Safety

There have been many horror stories about the use of online dating sites, which is why many people are quite hesitant in giving it a try. is different from all others because it guarantees your safety in ways more than one. In our search for the best and worst dating sites, we can say that is one of the safest. The architecture of the site in itself has already ensured that you are going to have a safe experience. When making any payments for membership, the website utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect credit card information and to make sure that unauthorized users will not have access to such. Your billing statement will not reflect the actual name of the site, which means that no one will know that you are actually using it for one-night stands.

On your part, you should be also be doing something in order to be safe while using the site. Make sure that you are 18 or above before signing up. You should also read the privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use to be familiar with the stipulations of the creator of the website. Do not disclose any personal information that you believe can be used against you. If someone is asking for money, this is a sign that you should stay away from such people.

Hookup On-The-Go

Another good thing about is the mobile app that you can download in your Smartphones. Through this, you will be able to access the site even if you are not in front of your computer. This will make it easy for you to find someone for steamy sexual encounters, regardless of wherever you are. For instance, if you are in a coffee shop and boredom strikes, just open the app and search for interested members within the vicinity. Sooner than later, you will find yourself in the company of a hot stranger.

The Bottom Line

After a careful evaluation of the best and worst dating sites, we conclude that is one of the best out there. Definitely, we can prove to you that this is not a scam. If you refuse to believe our claims, visit the website now and try it for free. For sure, it will not take long before you realize that we are right in having it ranked as one of the best in our list of online hookup sites.


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