How To Be Safe When Using Online Dating Sites

In today’s modern time, it is very easy to find a stranger you can invite for a casual date or for casual sex. There are many online dating sites that you can use, each with the promise of being able to successfully connect you with a potential match. If you have not yet tried online dating, you are most probably missing out a lot of fun and thrill. The mere thought of being in an online community with millions of members can already excite you as there will be limitless choices. Regardless of what you prefer in a date, you are most likely going to find one.

Nonetheless, as much as online dating can be beneficial in many ways, it also poses significant threats. You are dealing with people you have not yet met and you plan to meet each other sooner. You only rely on the profiles of the members in order to assess their personality. You talk via instant messaging or email, but you have no assurance that the other person is telling the truth. With all of these, it is critical to stay safe while trying online dating. In this dating strategy guide, we will provide you with some insights on how it is possible for you to put your safety on the top of your priorities.

Two Types of Members You Should Avoid

In online dating sites, there are millions of people. It is very easy to be overwhelmed and to just pick anyone on the basis of the pictures you are seeing. Nonetheless, this dating strategy guide suggests that you should pay specific attention to the two types of people you should avoid. The first one would be the sexual predators, which are often men and victimizing young girls. These people are experts in weaving lies, creating an impression that will make women easily fall in love with them. They often say flattering words and will compliment how good you always look. Once you are hooked, they will ask you to meet with them, and eventually, they will force you to have sex. If you are in an adult hookup sites, this is alright. However, if you are in a casual dating site, you should avoid them at all costs.

The other type of person you should avoid would be the financial scammer. These people invest in their relationship with the other members of the dating site. They try hard to build trust and when the time comes that they ask you for financial help, you will be compelled to give what they need because you already trust him or her. For instance, they might say that they are in a foreign country and you are the only one who can help them. They will also try to gain your sympathy by using their loved ones, pretending someone from the family is sick and will need of financial aid. This dating strategy guide suggests that you should not be vulnerable to such tactics. Regardless of what the other person says, do not feel obliged to send money in any amount.

Creating the Right Profile

In this dating strategy guide, we would like to emphasize that concerns towards safety should be reflected in the creation of your profile. Remember, you are on a dating site that is filled with strangers. You are not on Facebook or any social media platform wherein you know the people within your network. Therefore, discretion is going to be important. Make sure to choose a username that is anonymous, which will not give people a hint of who you truly are. Never use your surname. It is also important to never include your personal contact information, work details, and home address in your profile. Create passwords that are hard to guess so that people will not be able to easily hack your profile.

When The Time Comes That You Will Meet

After days of talking to each other, eventually, you will crave to meet in person. This can fill you with excitement, especially if you already really like the other person. One of the first things that you should do is to make sure that you meet in public. Choose a restaurant or a café in a busy neighborhood where you will be able to easily attract attention when help is needed. If you are going to meet for casual sex, make sure to choose a hotel that is safe, or better yet, just recommend your own place, if possible. Do not forget to inform your friends about your whereabouts so that they can easily have you tracked when they need to do so. Our dating strategy guide also highlights the need for you to stay sober. If you are going to party with your date, make sure to know your alcohol limit. Never drink from a glass that is not yours.

Other Practical Tips for your Safety

The following are other suggestions in this dating strategy guide to help you enjoy online dating without compensating safety:

  • Choose the Right Website. This is the first thing that you should actually do. Find time to read reviews from other people to learn from their experiences. Pay attention to what they say about the quality of the membership community. Avoid websites that are known for being filled with fake profiles and prostitutes who try hard to extort money from the members. It will not also hurt to pay for premium membership if this is going to be tantamount to a safer online dating experience.
  • Use an Antivirus. This is one of the simplest things that one can do, but often ignored by many. By protecting your computers against viruses and other threats, you are basically safeguarding personal information, making sure that you will not be infiltrated by hackers.
  • Report Rude Members. Most online dating sites have a feature wherein you will be able to ban a member or report if they are being abusive. If you encounter anyone with rude or suspicious behavior, make sure to have it reported immediately so that the website moderators can act quickly.


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