The Ugly Truth about this Adult Hookup Site The Ugly Truth about this Adult Hookup Site

To provide you with a comprehensive study of the best and worst dating sites, we have evaluated In the rest of this review, you will learn more about the experience that we had. This is one of the websites that we suggest you do not visit. We did not even bother finishing six weeks of study of this website because we were disappointed with a lot of its features. We are not alone with our sentiments regarding this website. A lot of people who have used the best and worst dating sites ranked as one of the sites that should be ultimately avoided. By the time you are finished reading, you will gain clearer insights on why such is the case. If our experiences are not enough for you to be convinced to avoid this adult hookup site, we suggest that you take the time to read reviews from other people as well. For sure, we are one and the same with the conclusion that this site is up to no good.

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The Promise of the Site

In many of the best and worst dating sites that we have tried during the course of our experiment, you will be provided with the opportunity to look for women from all countries and races, depending on the location that you will choose. This is a good thing as it will provide you with the opportunity to explore with different nationalities. Nonetheless, in the case of, the site is catering for the people who are looking for Russian or Ukrainian girls. Upon seeing the pictures of the women, we were convinced to give it a try. Nonetheless, as we’re giving it a shot, we became really frustrated as it does not live up to the hype of other hookup dating sites.

Be Ready for Spams

It is a given fact that some websites may use fake profiles as a way of making it appear that their membership community is bigger than what is real. Nonetheless, in the case of, almost all of the profiles are fake. Trust us! This is not only based on our experience, but based on what have been shared by other users as well. Yes, the pictures show women who are very attractive. In fact, they are some of the best-looking women we have seen in trying out the best and worst dating sites. When we sent messages, however, we were not able to receive replies. We also noticed that they are inactive in their profiles, most of which only have one picture. As we browse through the profiles, it is also inevitable that we noticed how some pictures are the same. All of these are obvious indicators that there are indeed fake profiles. Do not expect to receive a reply I most, if not all, of the messages you send.

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The Need to Pay for Almost Everything

Membership at is one of the most expensive that we have seen. It is not only expensive, but it does not also provide you with an all-access pass to the features of the site. For instance, responding to a message will already cost $5. In addition, in order to view a video clip, you will have to use 20 credits, which is equivalent to $12. Even when asking for member’s contact information, you will still be charged. The company charges exorbitant fees for services that will not even leave you satisfied. With this, we conclude that this is indeed a big rip-off.

Another bad thing about the website is that they do not offer the opportunity to try it out for free. We like free trials, even just for a day because it can provide you with an idea of how it feels like to be using the site. You will have a few hours to test it and see if it is going to be worth your money. Sadly, such is not possible with

Complaints from Past Users

To come up with a listing of the best and worst dating sites, our study also used feedbacks from other people as the basis. When we read reviews about, one thing we found out is that many of the users of the site are actually men who are looking for mail to order brides. There are also some who noted that it is made for relationships and not for casual sex. From the homepage, there is a portion that clearly indicates it is a place where you can find brides.

One more thing that is most noticeable in the use of this dating website is that the response letters seem to be different from what women say in their profiles. They say things that are entirely different from what you can see in their profile. What does this mean? For most users, this simply means that the profiles have been created by another person and the responses were written by a different individual. They might have been automatically generated by the website creators. This is only the assumption of many people who have tried the site. Nonetheless, from how we see it, such assumption may indeed be valid.

In our study of the best and worst dating sites¸ we are a group of straight guys. With such, we are interested only in meeting women to have sex with. Nonetheless, it is a given fact that there are also men, gays, and lesbians who use online hookup sites. Unfortunately, they will not be able to use it is only for those who are looking for ladies.

Our Verdict

Do not try Believe us, it will be nothing but a waste of both time and money. Based on our experience, there is nothing to love about the whole site except the pictures of the beautiful Ukrainian and Russian girls. Sadly, these are only pictures and there is no chance that you will be able to meet them for casual sex.


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