What Can Ruin Your First Date?

Remember the time you met someone on a date for the first time? I bet, most of you will agree with me when I say that it can be a very nervous feeling. The mere fact that you are finally going to see each other personally, although exciting, can also make you feel jittery. Nonetheless, you should strive hard to make sure that everything will go well, and in the end, you will not have any regrets. Do not think about whether or not it will lead to a second date. Your focus should be in the present, on how to make the most out of your time together.

False Expectations

If there is one thing that I can recommend to anyone who is going to meet their date for the first time, it would be to have low or realistic expectations. If you have seen her picture and she looks sizzling hot, to be safe and to be spared from frustration, if she looks like a 10 in her picture, expect that she will only be an 8 in real life. If you have false or high expectations, you will probably be disappointed.

Sexual Aggression

Admit it or not, sex is a thought that has almost never escaped the minds of most men. On your first date, you should show some respect to the lady by not being sexually aggressive. The way you look at her will already tell a lot about who you are. Keep your eyes glued to her face and not on her cleavage. Even if she wears something that is quite revealing, never be distracted. Avoid talking about sex or anything that might make her feel being violated. Eventually, you will soon be comfortable enough with each other and during such time, it will be more acceptable to talk about sex.

Ending Up in an Argument

It is best to avoid topics that will trigger verbal tension. For instance, do not talk about political or religious beliefs. If you have opposite beliefs and if you are both opinionated, it is most likely that you will just be debating, and in the end, your first date will be ruined. Avoid dealing with topics that will make you argue. Gents, be man enough to give her the floor when she wants to air her side. Be safe by being the first one to make a move to avoid heated discussions.

A Bad Location

Location is everything when it comes to first dates. To avoid ruining the experience, make sure to pick a place that is safe and accessible. Also, it is best to go in a place where you will have privacy and where you can be able to talk to each other properly. Ideally, a top choice for many would be coffee shops or wine bars, as these are places wherein the ambiance is perfect for getting to know each other more. Also, think of the interests of the both of you to determine which place is going to be perfect.

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